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The world of the retailer is full of challenges. We have our own view of that world. We will always lead the way. We will always ask ourselves what does the retailer need. What are his new business models, what services is the consumer demanding and what organisation do they require. And we will respond with pioneering innovations and powerful solutions. The challenges may differ, from omnichannel, cloud and big data to 3D-printers, drones and self-driving delivery trucks. But we are Valk Solutions and we have seen it coming. We will not only follow the steps the retailer takes, but we will challenge him to take them. And once we are together, we will continue to renew and change together. It’s all about what your business requires. Valk Solutions. Empowering retail.

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  • Omnichannel services
  • Cost-effective logistics
  • Smart business intelligence

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"Our service office in Waardenburg provides us periodically with a benchmark based on the information from the till system, where we can compare the performance of our shop with other similar shops. This is very enlightening and keeps us vigilant for improvement measures."
Rick ter Avest
Dobey, Breda
“An important objective is to optimally support the sales process which will lead to more turnover and more yield. I am confident that we can give meaning to the new way of shopping with ASPOS.”
Carel van Rijsewijk
Welkoop headquarter, Ede

Huisdiervoordeelshop is doing very well. In this case study we will take a close look at the success of the enterprise and, in particularly, at the role of automation in this success.
"Besides the collaboration with Valk, I would like to thank Rob and Ronald who were always ready to help with the installation, the training and in an emergency with their fast availability and (still necessary) support, after the preparatory weeks."
Céline Brugman
Natuurwinkel, Gouda
"The order recommendation is very useful. And it is easy to book in your deliveries via the order recommendation. Previously it took two days to do the ordering, now I can do it within a couple of hours."
Roos Burggraaff- Van Limbeek
Via Natura, Beekbergen

Welkoop uses the motto ‘Expertise in gardens and animals’ to offer a comprehensive range, expert advice and service with a smile.
"I familiarised myself with everything and compared various systems. We chose Valk Solutions because you gave us honest and clear information, and we liked that.”
Erik Hengst
DIO Hengst, Veenwouden
“Valk Solutions makes us feel like a valued customer.”
Hielco Spruijt
"We realised that we had too much stock."
Ricardo Raymann
Dobey, Nijmegen
"Thanks to shop automation we can become service shops."
Marco Wieser
Manager Retail, RDC
"The roll out was excellent."
Wim Rozendaal
"Automatic ordering is very handy."
Rolf Voortman
Cigo de Schoof, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
“A mailing gets more people in the shop.”
Bert van Zandwijk
Dier en tuin Meerkerk
"I can now spend more time on my customers."
Paul Meevis
Faunaland Meevis
“The most important thing is the possibility of benchmarking!”
Marcel Verkade
Hoofd Automatisering, Faunaland Franchising
“Ready for the new way of shopping with ASPOS from Valk Solutions.”
Ramon van der Doelen
Drogisterij en parfumerie O’Chelle
"Shop automation brings convenience and clarity on all fronts!"
Ans Welters
Rozemarijn & Thijm

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