ASPOS is an omnichannel retail platform specially developed to fully utilise new opportunities. ASPOS is 100% online and in real time, with one central database in the cloud. All transactions and mutations work directly on the database. This opens up a wealth of opportunities for sales, marketing and CRM. The consumer actually takes centre stage. The flipside is cost-efficiency with integrated logistics and central management. This is the only way you can only structurally earn money with omnichannel. ASPOS is complete with an integrated webshop, mobile app, online POS, tablet POS, in-store kiosk, Youtube narrowcasting, wireless PDA, electronic ordering, stock management, business intelligence and much more. ASPOS is an open platform in accordance with international standards. Third party webshops and kiosks could therefore also be involved. ASPOS combines central guidance with local entrepreneurship and is especially suitable for branches, hard franchising and soft franchising.

Online till

All the functions for payment, returns, discounts, loyalty points, mutations and more are available on one till screen.

The till is 100% online and in real time, transactions work directly on the central ASPOS database. Local work can continue during an internet failure thanks to the fail concept. You will always have up-to-date information at hand, at home, on the road and abroad via internet. You are able to intervene, adjust or anticipate an occurrence immediately. Changes are entered centrally and are immediately available on all the tills. These include new buttons, action offers or article mutations. The POS is developed in such a way that your sales personnel can fully occupy themselves with customers, advice and sales.

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Mobile app

As well as being active online, consumers are continually mobile.

Smartphones are part of the standard equipment and are used intensively. The ASPOS webshop is already adjusting its user interface automatically for smartphones. The user interface of a mobile app is optimised further for mobile use, both in ease of use and in functionality. Your formula has its own app on your customers’ mobile telephones with ASPOS. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for mobile interaction with your customers. You could, for example, send folders with QR codes or hang up eye-catching QR posters at busy locations such as bus shelters or stations. Uniquely, the ASPOS QR reader is integrated in the app. QR codes do not link to an individual page but open directly in your webshop. Consumers can immediately view and compare products, forward them to friends and place orders. Customers can also scan the barcode on the shelf or on the product and are linked directly to the product, the product information and YouTube videos. Another application is that customers can receive a message about their order or a special offer within a certain range of the shop. Of course, this offer is customised based on the customer’s history of purchasing. You can get even closer to your customers this way. No more waiting until they come into your shop, you are now actively pulling them towards you. The ASPOS mobile app works with Apple and Android operating systems.

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YouTube narrowcasting

ASPOS narrowcasting runs economically and easily via YouTube. No more fuss with films, content and carriers.

Upload once to YouTube and the rest is free. The play list is updated in ASPOS. The video films are available on a variety of screens, the customer screen at the till, on the CPV, at the kiosk and other screens in the shop. The content is shown to order and is product and customer dependent. This way your narrowcasting contributes profitably to conversion and upselling.


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The fact that the webshop is supported by the shops is decisive for omnichannel success.

The consumer takes centre stage, he shops alternately on the web or in the shop. He expects one shop experience, mobile, on the web and on the shop floor. The ASPOS webshop is therefore fully integrated with the shops, complete with My shop concept. The My shop concept means that the consumer can choose their own trusted or near-by shop. Consumers can order what they want in the webshop and collect the order from the shop, or order in the shop and have the order delivered to their home. Orders for shops and the webshop go through the same logistic flow. This is the only way for your webshop to be profitable. Shops and webshop work online and in real tine in ASPOS on the same database. Every transaction is immediately updated, so that a single current customer profile is guaranteed. Loyalty points count in both the webshop and the shop. The stock in the shop is visible in the webshop. Web orders come into the POS in the shop, so items can be put away or dispatched. The benefits and opportunities are countless. And not insignificantly, item information, pictures, actions and info are only entered once and maintained for all the channels in ASPOS.

Valk Software offers 3 variants of e-commerce service. The first variant is a ready-made branded webshop, fully developed and managed by Valk Software. You approve the design and contract out the construction, hosting and management of the webshop to Valk Software. In the second variant, you remove the source code from a white label webshop in order to develop it further in-house. The white label webshop is a ready-made webshop, only the colour layout, fonts, etc. need be to completed. The third variant involves the ASPOS webshop connector. This is a collection of approx. 100 web services which provide the webshop interaction with the ASPOS database, shops and app. You will always need the connector for a omnichannel webshop. The last variant is used if you already have a good webshop which you want to go omnichannel. Your existing webshop will then make use of the omnichannel connector and will have online access to the ASPOS data. In most cases your webshop will have to be modified in order to support interaction with the web services. If you do not have a webshop or want to renew your webshop, you could choose the white label source code or a fully branded webshop as an addition to the webshop connector. All three variants result in a webshop that is fully integrated with the shops. The webshop generates traffic, turnover and margin on your shop floor this way.

The development of the ASPOS webshop is based on responsive design. In other words, the webshop scales up or down depending on the device used. ASPOS can see if you are working with a PC, tablet or smartphone and scales the user interface up or down. The scaling goes further than just scaling up or down. The interface becomes unusable if you scale down a webshop one-to-one to a smartphone. Responsive design in ASPOS means that parts of the interface are shown and moved or not moved, in the interests of the consumer.

Several examples of webshops for our customers:

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In-store kiosk

An ASPOS in-store kiosk serves to prevent no-sells. Retailers use the kiosk to create a digital shop window.

We offer the same assortment offline as we do online. Customers can find items, request information, watch films and place orders. The kiosk is fully integrated with the till. A kiosk order is paid for at the till and then released for home delivery or collection from the shop. The money-goods flow is 100% secure. The kiosk brings the long tail of internet to your shop floor. The virtual stock in your shop is nigh on infinite. The kiosk is an attractive eye-catcher on the shop floor, it increases the experience and pleasure of shopping. A lovely example of clicks in bricks.

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The back office process of ordering and (re)stocking is, to an important degree, defining for the profit of your company.

ASPOS generates clever ordering recommendations that take into account the sales history, delivery frequency, customer orders, DC stock and inter-branch stocks. Customer orders and web orders are integrated in your purchase orders depending on the settings in the order profile. Deliveries are booked in the stock, preferably with electronic packing slips (EDI) from the suppliers. Automatic restocking is also supported. Stock management in ASPOS is fully focussed on eliminating no-sells and optimising the turnover speed. You can send shop assignments to the shops from the main office or distribution centre. They come in on wireless PDAs, for instance empty shelf counts, partial counts or pick orders for inter-branch or webshop take-away orders. Dynamic stock management is guaranteed to lead to an increase in your return.

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BI dashboard

ASPOS standardly supplies a Reports module with frequently requested overviews

A retail dashboard is available for more thorough analysis. The retail dashboard has been developed in Qlikview and makes use of the ASPOS database. The retail dashboard is online and 100% hosted, just like the other functions in ASPOS. You will always have the current numbers where ever you are, complete with analyses, benchmarks and trend developments. The dashboard is interactive and dynamic. You can request any conceivable intersection, by period, type of shop, area, item, folder etc. The dashboard offers you a host of current information, updated at the very lowest receipt control level to the very last second. This information is user-friendly and quickly accessible to contractors, staff and management. Via internet. You can manage better using the quick and easy information provision. And you save administration and data analysis labour costs. The ASPOS Bi solution is available for the head offices and for individual franchises.

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ASPOS offers unheard of opportunities for online marketing and CRM.

ASPOS offers unheard of opportunities for online marketing and CRM. Customer information need only be entered once and is available in all your channels One loyalty card is enough. Points can be saved and cashed in both the shop and the webshop. The purchasing history of your customers, in the webshop and the shops together, is available online centrally! You can personally advise customers and generate extra sales. ASPOS supports a wide range of price agreements and campaign offers. Mailings, coupons and newsletters are a standard part of ASPOS. Campaigns can be managed by the head office or locally in the shop. Your will get more return from your customers with ASPOS CRM.

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Item management

Item management takes a central position in ASPOS. You can manage all the item information for the shops, DC, webshop, app and kiosk in one place! The item information is managed on an extensive item card in ASPOS. The item card contains not only the barcode, group, brand, price and description, but also pictures, web texts and web buttons. Mutations are immediately available in real time on all the channels. This way ASPOS organises your item management efficiently and effectively, profitably and cost-efficiently. In addition, the online availability of all your item information offers new opportunities for last minute pricing and other omnichannel applications.

Item management is organised centrally for the formula, but local items can also be created at shop level. Central items, for instance the price or the preferred supplier, can also be altered locally with the correct rights. It is often necessary for the franchises to be able to do this. There is also the possibility of managing central items in segments that are or are not available per branch.

The ASPOS back office automatically supports item management. You can subscribe to your suppliers’ item management in our JDS databank. Valk Software gathers, checks and files the item information of more than 1500 suppliers. Item information is made available electronically, manual work is no longer involved. New items, price changes and other mutations are automatically passed on every day. Folders, related items and campaigns are also available.

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