CPV module updated

CPV module updated

The familiar CPV module (customer price verifier) has been given a new look. Originally, as the name suggests, the module was intended for products without a price label. This is to avoid manual pricing as is desired in the book trade, for example, and to avoid unsightly price stickers in a luxury perfume store, for example.

At the request of our customers, we have expanded the CPV module. Retail organizations want to be able to display not only price information, but also other background information about products. This data is mostly available on the ASPOS platform anyway, and displaying it is expected to increase in-store sales conversion.

Therefore, we opted for a slightly larger screen for displaying prices, descriptions, images and videos. The screen incorporates a scanner that automatically lights up when you stand in front of it. This allows shoppers to instantly request and view product information, including but not limited to price.

Want to know more? We are happy to advise you. Email us or call 0348 431 490 and ask for Mayenne.

Montfoort, August 2023

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