Countr global POS

Unlimited integration and expansion possibilities

Omnichannel POS designed for international businesses

Countr is an international omnichannel POS enabling a seamless and capex friendly transition from antiquated cashiers to best of breed online software. 

Hardware independent
Countr runs on any type of terminal with either iOS or Android based operating system

Open platform
Countr features an API-driven orchestration layer between data streams, services, and interfaces.

Modular suite of applications
Point of Sale, Self-Service Kiosk, Mobile Ordering, Kitchen Management, Online Dashboards, Narrowcasting, Customer Information, and more

Ecosystem of integrations
Payments, eCommerce, bookkeeping, delivery services, personnel management and much more.

Countr is an intrinsically global solution

  • Languages
    A dozen languages supported (EN, NL, DE, ES, FR, IS, IT, NO, PT, AR); easy to add a new language with a simple translation of XML strings
  • Currencies
    Some fifty currencies are available by default; extra currencies can be added to the database upon request
  • Fiscal compliance
    Countr adheres to international fiscal principles of data storage, immutability, and retention, and is fully compliant with multiple local regulations 

You can sell to your customers any time, any place, via any channel!

Countr is a global cloud POS and sales solution. The platform is built on the principles of modularity, scalability, and flexibility in transaction orchestration. It ensures you can sell to your customers any time, any place, via any channel. Countr provides POS services via open APIs, enabling partners to easily connect and expand its POS offerings. That is why Countr comes with an extensive set of integrations and applications, allowing you to extend your business capabilities at the click of a button. From accounting to CRM, inventory management to ERP, the possibilities are endless. Countr is self-onboarding, easy to use and charged per transaction. It runs as a native application or progressive web app (PWA) allowing offline service in  problematic internet areas.

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Looking for your business types?

store-bluestore orange
Solution tiles-02Solution tiles – orange-02
Solution tiles-03Solution tiles – orange-03
order management-blueorder management-orange

Looking for your business types?​

Store management mobile – blue-10-10Store management mobile – orange-10
Business Types – tiles mobile – blue-11Business Types – tiles mobile-11
Business Types – tiles mobile – blue-12Business Types – tiles mobile-12
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We serve all markets

Market tiles – book – blueMarket tiles – book – orange
Valk tilesValk tiles
Market tiles – drug and beautyMarket tiles – drug and beauty – orange
Market tiles – fashionMarket tiles – fashion – orange
Market tiles – foodMarket tiles – food – orange
Market tiles – hospitalityMarket tiles – hospitality – orange
Market tiles – pets and gardenMarket tiles – pets and garden – orange
Market tiles – Public Transport – blueMarket tiles – Public Transport – orange
Market tiles – Tobacco- blueMarket tiles – Tobacco- orange
Market tiles – otherMarket tiles – other – orange

We serve all markets

Market tiles – mobile blue L-02Market tiles – mobile orange L-06
VALK – market tiles mobile – DIY new – blueVALK – market tiles mobile – DIY new – orange
Market tiles – mobile blue L-07Market tiles – mobile orange L-07
Market tiles – mobile blue L-01Market tiles – mobile orange L-01
Market tiles – mobile blue L-04Market tiles – mobile orange L-04
Market tiles – mobile blue L-08Market tiles – mobile orange L-08
Market tiles – mobile blue L-03Market tiles – mobile orange L-03
Market tiles – mobile blue L-10Market tiles – mobile orange L-10
VALK – market tiles mobile – Tobacco new – blueVALK – market tiles mobile – Tobacco new – orange
Market tiles – mobile blue L-11Market tiles – mobile orange L-11


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