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ASPOS management suite

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ASPOS is an omnichannel cloud platform to help retail businesses to profit fully from new opportunities. The unbeatable benefits of ASPOS are outstanding from both a commercial and operational perspective. It creates one single experience for consumers in all channels. For example, your digital giftcard can either be spent in your store(s), in the webshop or via the app. ASPOS is 100% online and realtime, featuring a single truth across your chain

Drive your business 100% online and real-time

The consumer is given a truly key position, while the business backend is cost-effective, featuring integrated logistics and central management. This is how to make money from omnichannel. ASPOS is a complete solution and features an integrated webshop, mobile app, online POS, tablet POS, in store kiosk, narrowcasting, wireless PDA, electronic ordering, stock management, business intelligence and much more.

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Explore the unbeatable benefits and have a look at the ASPOS omnichannel video. ASPOS operates using an open platform based on international standards. It combines central steering with local entrepreneurship and is ideally suited to branch businesses as well as franchise companies.

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A wealth of possibilities for your sales, marketing and CRM


All functions for payments, returns, discounts, reward points, mutations and more, are available through a single screen. The stylish and trim POS is 100% online and realtime. Transactions are processed directly on the central ASPOS database ensuring one truth anytime. Information is always up to date, wherever you are. In fact, you can intervene, adjust, and respond directly from the browser. Changes entered centrally are directly available for all users across your organisation. Think of new buttons, special offers or product changes. POS is also available on tablets; ideal for mobile use in the store and for events and markets. Electronic third party services such as PIN, tickets, lottery tickets, e-vouchers and giftcards are integrated with the cash register.


ASPOS provides unrivalled possibilities for online marketing and CRM. Customer data are to be entered once and available to all your channels. Your customer card operates in all stores and in the webshop. Reward points can be both saved and cashed in the stores and in the webshop. A comprehensive sales history for each of your customers for webshop and stores is available centrally online so that you can provide targeted information to clients and generate extra sales. ASPOS supports a wide range of pricing arrangements and special offers. Mailings, vouchers and newsletters are standard elements within ASPOS. Special offers can be managed both centrally at head office and locally in the stores.


The backoffice process of ordering and (re)stocking is to a high degree decisive for the financial results of your business. ASPOS generates intelligent ordering suggestions, taking account of sales history, delivery frequency, customer orders, DC stocks and inter-branch inventory. Customer orders and web orders are fully integrated into your purchase orders, according to the setting of the ordering profile. Received goods are entered into the stock, preferably by means of the electronic packing sheets of suppliers. Automatic replenishment based on your shelf plan is also supported. ASPOS stock management is totally focused on the elimination of missed sales and the optimisation of turnover rates.

ASPOS management suite
ASPOS management suite


You manage all product data in one place for stores, DC, webshop, app and kiosk! The information is managed by means of an extensive product information card within ASPOS. As well as the scanning code, product group, supplier, price, size, color and description (among others) it includes illustrations, web texts and web buttons. Mutations are available directly and in realtime through all channels. In this way, ASPOS organises your item management efficiently and effectively. Item management is taken care of centrally for the formula, but local articles can also be created at store level. You can subscribe to the product data from any of your suppliers included in our JDS product database. Valk Solutions collects, checks and marshals the product data of more than 1.000 suppliers. Article data are made available electronically, without any manual intervention whatsoever.


ASPOS comes standard with a report module which includes the most sought-after overviews. In addition, a retail dashboard is available for in-depth analysis. The retail dashboard is developed in Qlik. It provides up-to-date figures, complete with analyses, benchmarks and trend development. The dashboard is interactive and dynamic. You can access all conceivable intersections, graded according to period, type of store, area, product group, leaflet and more. The dashboard offers a wealth of up-to-date information, updated to the very last second and with the most precise purchase context evaluation. This information is rapidly accessible, simply and via the internet, in a user-friendly manner for entrepreneurs, staff and company boards. This quick and easy information provision ensures improved control on your part as well as saving labour costs in accounting and data analysis.

ASPOS management suite
ASPOS management suite


ASPOS supports full business to business operation. Including pricing in- or excluding VAT, bulk ordering, invoicing of business customers, credit check as well as multiple contact persons per customer.


Consumers are constantly on the move and online. Smartphones are part of everyone’s standard equipment and are used intensively. That is why the ASPOS webshop automatically adjusts its user interface for smart phones. The mobile app has been optimized even further for mobile use. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for mobile interaction with your customers. You can distribute flyers by means of QR codes or put-up eye-catching posters in crowded locations such as bus stops or railway stations. Unique is that the QR reader is integrated into the app which opens directly in your webshop. Scanning codes immediately linked through to product information. Another application is that customers coming within a certain range of the store will receive a message about their order or a special offer.

ASPOS management suite
ASPOS management suite


Your omnichannel success is only complete with a fully integrated webshop. Consumers expect one experience, whether mobile, on the web or in-store. Therefore the ASPOS webshop is fully integrated with your store(s) on the ASPOS platform. Customers can order products in the webshop and collect them in-store, or order in the store and have the goods delivered to their home. The orders for stores and webshop are processed within one single logistic flow to safe costs and spare the environment. Reward points are valid for both the webshop and stores. Store stocks are visible in the webshop. Weborders arrive at the POS to pick and ship from store. The benefits and possibilities are countless. With ASPOS your webshop will generate traffic, turnover and improved margins in-store!


The ASPOS in-store kiosk is designed to avoid non-sales due to out of stock. Also, retailers can create a long tail digital shop window using the kiosk. On the kiosk customers can search for articles, request information, view videos and place orders. The kiosk is fully integrated with the POS. Together with other purchases a kiosk order is to be paid for at the cash register and then released for home delivery or collection in the store. The kiosk moves the long tail from the internet into your store. The virtual stock in the store can reach almost infinite proportions. The kiosk is an excellent in-store eye-catcher, enhancing the experience and fun of shopping. A fine example of clicks in bricks.

ASPOS management suite
ASPOS management suite


At anytime and anywhere you can engage and nurture your customers. In fact, you will have all the time to fully focus on them as ASPOS provides one single experience throughout all your channels. The powerful platform supports a wide range of pricing arrangements and special offers. Mailings, vouchers and newsletters are standard elements. Special offers can be managed both centrally at head office and locally in the stores. Digital giftcards can either be spent in your store(s), in the webshop or via the app. The benefits are outstanding and unbeatable from both commercial and operational perspective.


IT is business-critical and continuity is therefore crucial. The system must run all the time, and if things do go wrong, a fast and effective solution must be provided. Valk Solutions operates an in-house specialist helpdesk to deal with any problems which may arise. Our experts are well-trained and devoted to customers. If necessary, our service engineer will visit your business onsite. Service guarantees are based on a resolution time rather than a response time. At weekends and during late-night shopping hours we are there for you too.

The benefits are endless

The unbeatable benefits of the ASPOS omnichannel cloud platform are outstanding from both a commercial and operational perspective

ASPOS management suite


In addition to outstanding capabilities at the front end, an efficient operation is required at the back end to ensure profitable business management.

• Central database
ASPOS uses a single platform with one central database to provide a centralized and fully scalable solution.

• Cloud based
ASPOS operates in the cloud. All data about outlets, customers and products are saved in the database.

• 100% Online and realtime 
Transactions in the stores and mutations from the head-office are processed online and realtime ensuring one truth for all users, at any given moment.

• Software as a service
ASPOS is offered fully hosted software as a service (SaaS) unburdening you from servers and technology at your premises.

• Backup
ASPOS automatically generates backups on a daily basis and stores backups in a safe location.

• Hierarchy 
ASPOS operates with a clear hierarchy. Higher levels can access information and implement changes at any lower level.

Our integrations

Over the years, we developed dozens of integrations with third parties, to create a seamless IT landscape for your company. We support both best of breed and best of suite strategies. Our REST API is the most complete with more than 100 interactive services to support third parties.


Your benefits in a nutshell


  • Your clients can save reward points and vouchers in your stores as well as mobile and online
  • No more lost sales: The in-store kiosk moves the long tail into the store.
  • Omnichannel: The webshop is fully integrated with the stores
  • The CRM is based upon comprehensive customer history in all channels
  • Upsell based on customer and product related narrowcasting 
  • 24/7 Share of pocket: With smartphone app and QR code integration
  • And more…


  • Access to actual data, simply via the internet, at any time or place
  • You can manage all outlets online
  • All stocks are available online: End-of-life products could also be available for sale
  • Hierarchy with layered authorities
  • Uninterrupted payment procedures
  • Data are centrally managed and are directly available to all channels
  • Standardized  ASPOS connector API for third party integrations
  • Just-in-time delivery by virtue of realtime stock status
  • And more…

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We are passionate and committed to making our customers happy for the long term. Your business is unique and your brand is personal. That’s why our solutions are tailored to your needs and requirements and to the ones of your customers. Request a demo that ticks all your boxes.


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Have it your way



We are passionate and committed to make our customers happy for the long term. Your business is unique and your brand is personal. That’s why our solutions are tailored to your needs and requirements and to the ones of your customers. Request a demo that ticks all your boxes.

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