Fulfill online promise with ASPOS

ASPOS management suite

Did you know that various webshop processes can be integrated with ASPOS? That’s a good thing, because online shopping is more important than ever.

15% of all Dutch people prefer to shop online and 41% combine shopping with online. And the growth of online shopping continues. ASPOS helps you as a retailer to provide all those online shoppers with a good experience, so that they keep coming back to you. We do this in 3 ways:


Firstly, ASPOS easily supports all email communication from the webshop with your customers. Welcome messages as soon as customers create an account on the webshop, order confirmations when customers order and messages such as “your package is on its way” or “your package is ready to pick up”. Also messages when customers forget their password and to test satisfaction afterwards. All those messages are consistently handled from ASPOS.



ASPOS supports the complete functionality for order management and e-fulfilment for the webshop. This means that online orders arrive in an orderly fashion in ASPOS from where the picking process can start. After collecting and packing, the packages are very efficiently registered from ASPOS with the right carriers. All the intelligence surrounding these processes is contained in ASPOS.



ASPOS also takes care of the packing slips and invoices for your customers in one go. Neatly in the desired format and in accordance with all applicable webshop regulations. This way it is all connected, from registration to order intake and from delivery to packing slip and invoice, ASPOS directs your online business and provides a good experience for your customers.


By linking the webshop with ASPOS, you unlock all this functionality to fulfill your online promises. After all, clear communication, fast and reliable delivery and a correct invoice ensure that online shoppers come back to you.


Do you also fulfill your online promises? Now connect your webshop with ASPOS. Call us on 0348 431 490, we are happy to think along with you.

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