Latest version of ASPOS


ASPOS is continuously being developed and every year we update all customers with the latest version. Many improvements have been made again based on feedback from our customers. Our developers have also developed numerous new functionalities and features with even more added value for retailers.

The new version has been intensively tested and will be rolled out to all our customers. There is no extra charge for this, the new version is part of our service. In this way, every ASPOS user has the latest developments.

A selection of the new possibilities

Self Checkout

Known from the supermarket and now also available for ASPOS users. With the Self Checkout, your customers can pay completely themselves without the intervention of a cashier. Nice and fast, easy and cost-efficient.

The user interface is ultra-simple. The application is multilingual, your customer can choose the desired language, also for multilingual product descriptions. Prices and promotions work online just like other ASPOS applications.


Electronic shelf labels

Together with ESL market leader Solum, Valk Solutions has developed a full integration with the ASPOS REST API. Prices are updated at the touch of a button. Ideal if your prices change regularly.

New labels are linked to the products once with the ASPOS PDA. After that, the labels are simply controlled from the ASPOS cloud. Prices and other product specifications can be changed centrally in the ASPOS suite and are implemented digitally and in real time, completely without manual work up to and including the shelf.



The multilingualism of ASPOS has been expanded and improved. The receipt can now also be printed in the customer’s language. The customer can read his own language on both the display and the receipt, whereby the user can work in Dutch.


VAT adjustments

Various adjustments have been made for new VAT regulations. For example, a 0% VAT scheme applies to deliveries to foreign customers.

ASPOS ensures that, among other things, a ticket is requested and these transactions are entered correctly in the accounting.


Customized receipt

In the new version of ASPOS it is possible to design the receipt yourself using options for the information shown, font and placement of the return barcode.


Expansion gift cards

With the new version it is possible to top up gift cards again, which saves the issue of new cards and is more environmentally friendly. It is also possible to pay with ICP gift cards and to sell them through the ASPOS cash register. This is an extension of the existing gift card links.


Working without a cash drawer

In collaboration with Cikam, supplier of cash machines, we have developed a link with an automatic cash drawer. This gives the possibility to work without a cash drawer. The collection and issuance of cash is fully automatic, which reduces the risk of theft many times over. Also in the context of the present time, this means many times less physical contact between the customer and the employee.

Automated campaigns with Spotler

Expansion of the link with Spotler, where it is now also possible to automatically send birthday campaigns to customers with a unique, customer-specific code. An automatic campaign to ask for reviews for purchased (online and offline) products can also be used.


Payment link in email

In the new version, a payment link (Pay by link) can be sent in the e-mail. A QR code can be placed on the invoice. Both options make it easier for customers to pay.


Optimization ChannelEngine

The link with the provider ChannelEngine of marketplaces has been improved. Things such as pre-registration for return orders, administration of the fee, linking specific images and the promotional price have been made possible. You can control multiple ChannelEngine environments from 1 ASPOS environment.


REST API extension

ASPOS’s REST API supports even more shop services. We work with ever smaller amounts of data, which means that webshops work faster and faster. All services needed for a webshop are available. Your webshop builder or ecommerce partner can use the desired shop services as needed. Everything online and real-time on your ASPOS environment.


Web Node Optimization

In addition to all the links and new functions, we have also optimized existing functions. For example, in product management the web nodes are easier to change and remove. This benefits the ease of use for webshops.


The new version will be rolled out in the near future. Our customers receive the full release notes in a timely manner in which all changes are described in detail with insightful screenshots.


Do you have any questions?

We are happy to help you by email at or by phone at +31 (0)348 431 490.

April 2021, Montfoort

About Countr

Countr is a platform of sale solution, built on the principles of modularity, scalability and flexibility in transaction orchestration. Simply put, Countr ensures business owners can sell to their customers any time, any place, via any channel. The mission of Countr is to provide POS services via open APIs, enabling partners to easily connect and expand its POS offerings. Even today there are hardly any POS solutions offering open and accessible software. Most POS providers in the market still struggle with the concept of an ‘open API’. Countr supports an app store for all new connections to for example Mollie, Uber Eats, Lightspeed and Obur. Countr is self-onboarding, easy to use and charged per transaction. It runs as a native application or progressive web app (PWA) allowing offline service in problematic internet areas.

About Valk Solutions

Valk Solutions serves retail clients in food, do it yourself, fashion, convenience, beauty, pets, toys and books. Its primary product range is ASPOS, acronym for Advanced Sales Platform of Omnichannel Services. Annually ASPOS handles 3 billion of retail sales revenues originating from brick and mortar stores as well as webshops and marketplaces. In addition to point of sale services, loyalty and webshops ASPOS provides for order management, fulfilment, product information management and business intelligence. Valk Solutions adopts a radically omnichannel approach, centralising all data in the managed cloud and real-time disclosing it to a suite of applications of Valk Solutions itself or third parties. Over the years ASPOS has evolved towards the largest online retail platform in the Benelux.

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