Nix no 18

We have introduced, in collaboration with H@nd, a new functionality in the self-checkout. It is now possible to have an automatic NIX18 check performed. Verification takes place on H@nd’s hardware. There is a check at H@nd whether or not the customer at the self-checkout is over the age of 18.

Benefits of this integrated age verification:

  • No employee verification required when self-scanning at nix 18
  • Human margin of error is thereby eliminated
  • Adjustable at the product level whether it is a nix18 product yes/no


When scanning NIX 18 product, such as alcohol and tobacco, a notification will immediately be sent to the app on the PDA. In this, the staff can do the checking. In addition to the NIX 18 notification, we have developed an algroithm where simple checks can be performed.

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