The ASPOS Foodservice is now available!

ASPOS Food integration

The ASPOS foodservice is now available! It is now possible for consumers to order food and drinks at the self-service checkout. Here it is also possible to customize; gluten-free bread? Oat milk in the cappuccino? No choice is too crazy! Orders are forwarded to the kitchen and kitchen screen. Here the consumer also sees the status of the order, such as “in preparation” or “ready.

Ordering via qr code

Guests seated at a table inside or outside on the terrace can scan the QR code that is, for example, on the table or embedded in the menu. Scanning the QR code brings up the digital menu. This allows them to order directly and checkout using Ideal. There are no further order fees or commissions associated with this, so it’s nice and easy! It is also ideal if, for example, one wants to order sandwiches from the office and pick them up later. For example, consider office workers who want to get sandwiches at lunch. Easy for you, for the planning and guests don’t have to stand in line at the store!

Link with home delivery

We have a lot of platforms today where orders take place and that number will only increase. To manage everything centrally, we have a link with Deliverect where all orders come together and are sent directly to ASPOS. All online orders from the likes of Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats come in through Deliverect. These orders all come in on the kitchen screen so employees can easily and quickly collect and prepare orders as needed. We have an overall view of all orders from the different platforms where it is clear which order is picked up at what time and where the order came from. This gives employees a good overview of all the orders they have to prepare.

Central control

By having all order flows come together in one platform, you also have all the data centrally. Through the comprehensive BI dashboard, you can see exactly what times are the peak times, where the turnover is taking place. In this way, you can properly plan the personnel needed.

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