Together against food waste

Together against (food) waste

Waste is a major issue today. Supermarkets in Europe throw away 10 billion euros of food every year. This creates a lot of unnecessary costs. More and more stores want to prevent food and other products from being wasted and try to encourage customers to buy these products before they are no longer suitable…. In the new PDA, we have integrated wasteless pricing. With wasteless pricing, you can mark down damaged or perishable products on the spot. Using an eye-catching discount sticker prevents such products from remaining on the shelf. Wasteless pricing is familiar from the supermarket but is also ideal for hardware stores, among others. You know the drill, in a batch of drywall, one has a damaged corner. With an x% discount sticker, you stand a good chance of selling it anyway. Better than being stuck with it and eventually having to dispose of it. Discounting reduces waste and also allows the customer to choose a product with a lower price! Win-win!

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