Valk Solutions & Genii Software Group

In April, we informed you of our new strategic partner, Genii Software Group. Genii combines the entrepreneurial culture of a family business with strong values where customers and colleagues are at the center. But who exactly is Genii Software Group?

Genii becomes majority shareholder with a long-term strategic horizon. In other words, Genii, together with us, is going to commit to the next phase of growth for Valk Solutions. Within the Genii Group, Valk Solutions remains an independent company. The partnership allows our people to put all their energy into software development, innovation and customer service. Genii has in-depth knowledge of enterprise software in the retail sector and offers access to a European network. The new partner fully supports our products and growth plans, with the German market as one of the focal points. The partnership with Genii is a guarantee of Valk Solutions’ long-term success.

Genii Software Group serves growing, industry-specific software companies, which are often hidden champions of their industries. They understand entrepreneurs and that one size does not fit all. The individual approach (including brand and management continuity) promotes entrepreneurial decisions at the client level, while also recognizing that together we are stronger and can provide the resources, investment and know-how needed to scale up and achieve our ambitions.

Genii is a strategic and active Software Holding that leads a federation of independent software companies with entrepreneurial leaders. All of these companies share the same characteristics:

  • Full-service delivery of B2B business software tailored to mid-sized clients.

  • Core process-oriented, high value-added software for clearly defined vertical markets.

  • Extensive and in-depth industry knowledge and local, personal customer relationships.

  • A long-standing track record that ensures high customer loyalty and satisfaction.

  • A highly trusted partner and advisor on the road to digitization.

Management and ownership
Based in Munich, Genii is backed by Bregal Unternehmerkapital. Bregal Unternehmerkapital is a growth-oriented investment company that focuses primarily on investing in solid business models and strong leadership teams. Bregal is owned by the sixth generation of Brenninkmeijers, founders and owners of the successful Dutch fashion retailer C&A.

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