Countr introduces waiter app at the Horecava

At the Horecava, Countr, Valk Solutions’ catering solution presented its latest features to the public. A new waiter app has been developed and used by the first customers. The Countr waiter app is an addition to the Countr POS, Obur and KDS, the convenient kitchen service.

The launching customer for the Countr waiter app is Farm De Middenhof, with 400 seats divided over three restaurants, a pancake house, a tapas restaurant and a brasserie. The enterprising owner, Mr. Hans Ultee, explains in the video what Countr means for his restaurants.

The Countr POS app is already running worldwide with catering customers who opt for convenience and self-service. Countr KDS (kitchen display service) supports kitchen screens on which orders come in. No more notes are needed between the pans. Hans: “How handy that the same dishes can be combined at the touch of a button so that they can be put in the pan in one go.”

New is the Countr waiter app, with which the service can take orders at restaurant tables and terraces. The orders go digitally to the kitchen screens so the chefs can get to work immediately. Hans: “The waiter app also signals the service when dishes are ready to be served.”

In addition to POS, KDS and waiter app, Countr also offers an Obur app with which consumers can place their order themselves at the table without the intervention of the waiting staff. Ideal for catering entrepreneurs who are struggling with staff shortages.

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Montfoort, January 2023

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