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Nowhere does workflow software add as much value as precisely in retail. Our ambition is to give retailers wings with tailored omnichannel solutions. That starts at the front end of the shopping process with the point of sale (POS). Our modern cash register systems support advanced action modules and savings systems in addition to scanning and checkout. In the back office, we automate the logistics process with smart ordering recommendations or automatic restocking to maximize the turnover rate in the store. With store to door kiosk features we reduce no-sales and with e-commerce and apps we help customers win over new customers. For head offices and wholesalers there are BI dashboards, B2B order portals and B2C web shops. We develop the software ourselves and come up with new versions every year based on customer feedback and new technology. In addition to innovative products, we distinguish ourselves with excellent service. All 90 professionals in our company have the main objective of making customers very satisfied. Valk Solutions has been around for 30 years and has grown into a leading retail automation company in our country. We offer an enthusiastic and professional working environment brimming with dynamism, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Advancement opportunities are plentiful at Valk Solutions. We are looking for hard workers with a great drive to do good work. We are looking for hard workers with a great drive to do a good job.

Function content
The support consultant is responsible for ensuring that customers are highly satisfied with our services ranging from software to hardware, third party services, training and consulting. Customers are chain store headquarters, store owners, business managers and store personnel. We are not satisfied until customers rate us 8, this means that we exceed expectations. The main part of the job involves user support. The software offers a wealth of possibilities, it is up to the support consultant to make it work to the maximum advantage of customers. This can be done by listening carefully to customers and translating them into optimal software settings and explanations. Support consultants also take failures and resolve them within the agreed service levels. Unlike competitors, Valk Solutions works not only with response times but with resolution guarantees. For the sake of one stop shop service, we also get calls about payments, internet, gift cards, lotteries and much more. The support consultant is a combination position with consultancy work in addition to support. As the support consultant gets to know our products and customers better, more and more consulting work is added, such as training customers, commissioning new versions, RFCs and projects. Our services are externally audited quarterly for various quality certifications. The support consultant works in a team of approximately 15 professionals with a team leader.

Job requirements
Great drive to make customers very satisfied. Affinity with retail, preferably experience in a store (side job or internship). HBO working and thinking level. Analytical ability, can separate main and secondary issues well. Communication skills, maintains leadership in conversations at various levels. Service-oriented with a great favor factor with customers. Makes our software his own quickly. Good with browsers, Windows and Office. Hard worker, does not shy away from 40 customer contacts per day. Full-time, 40-hour availability.

Terms of employment
Depending on knowledge and experience, we offer employment conditions in line with the market. To avoid traffic jams, we prefer to work with people who live within a 30 kilometer radius of Montfoort. Interested? Please address your application with CV to

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