Even better and faster

Our developers have worked hard on the further development of ASPOS. Since the last newsletter, no fewer than three new versions have seen the light of day under the winged names Gans, Havik and Kingfisher.

In the new versions, technical improvements and functional innovations are available as part of the maintenance subscription. Thanks to the inputs of our customers, we have been able to reduce the number of clicks in the ordering process.

We have also expanded the possibilities for batch picking with multi-line orders in addition to single line orders.

The preparations for food service also stand out. This new functionality supports catering corners in non-catering shops. So that our customers can enhance the experience on the shop floor with, for example, a sandwich with fillings and sauce of their choice.

Important improvements have also been made to our self-scan cash register. More and more customers are using the self-scan cash register to increase the service level in the stores or to limit personnel costs. In the video, enthusiastic Hubo entrepreneur Bennet Passenier gives his vision of how the self-scan cash register fits into the formula of the Hubo hardware store.

These and other developments are described in detail for our customers in the release notes, complete with screenshots and explanations about the operation and commissioning. Have fun using it!

Montfoort, April 2022

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