Maudd live on ASPOS

Maudd, the fashion chain for fun affordable clothing , has chosen Unified Commerce Platform ASPOS including webshop from Valk Solutions. Maudd was looking for a new future-proof solution for its stores.

At ASPOS, Maudd was also keen to have the web shop integrated. A webshop with full integration offers several advantages and can increase the strength of e-commerce operations. For example, an integrated shop can automatically track and update inventory levels. This means you always have an up-to-date overview of available products! That’s how you avoid no-selling.

There was urgency this delivery of the web shop. Given their previous party, who would develop the web shop and link it to ASPOS, had gone bankrupt. During an on-site workshop day, we fine-tuned the scope of the project and got straight to work building the web shop.

This new webshop is fully connected to ASPOS through the REST API, features a comprehensive CMS to manage content and also performs well in terms of load time thanks to the use of Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. In addition, an automatic process was developed in ASPOS that works with PFA to automatically place products in the correct webshop category based on the presence of product images and stock. This so that no manual labor is involved here for Maudd. The next step is that we will continue to develop the webshop together with Maudd to also add features to the webshop such as a shop the look functionality.

By having an online store with full integration, you can increase the efficiency of your e-commerce operations, improve customer satisfaction and streamline your business processes. It allows you to provide a seamless shopping experience and gain competitive advantage in the online marketplace!

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